Nicky-Tams, one of the oldest pubs in Stirling, opened in 1718 and was originally owned by Laird Graigengelt, the family crest of which is still visible above our doors. The building was then purchased by The Weavers incorporation as one of the five Trade Houses operating in Scotland.  A great location for tourists and also a rare free house. 

As well as competitively priced favourites such as Guinness and Foster's, Nicky-Tams has a great selection of locally brewed ales, why not ask one of our fully trained bar staff what they would recommend for you. If you're a whisky drinker we have malt of the month, or for those in the party mood you can share one of our delicious cocktail pitchers with friends. 

When you visit us at Nicky-Tams you can guarantee a great warmth in atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff and great food. We hope you make a visit to us soon.